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Welcome to Dare to Live Your Dreams

Welcome. If you’ve faced just one too many of life’s challenges,  know you’re under too much stress and are ready to do something about it right now, then read on.

Sometimes life catches us unawares, and we are left struggling to keep our head above water. Wondering how on earth we will hold things together, let alone plan for the future.

Losing someone, whether through a divorce, relationship breakup or a bereavement can leave us feeling like we are on an emotional roller-coaster, not knowing where to turn. We can become chronically stressed, making it hard for us to function and stay focused.

I’m Sarah Hutton, and I help my clients to de-stress and reconnect with their passions and hopes for the future… to help them get through whatever life has thrown at them and to re-discover the courage to dare to live their dreams.


My mission is to give you support through the emotional ups and downs of life. Helping to keep your feet on the ground and bringing calm and focus back to your heart and mind. Building your resilience, and reconnecting you to your inner strength and sense of purpose. Empowering you to step forward confidently into your new life with a light heart and a spring in your step.

As a business owner I know how important it is to be able to stay focused and still perform at my best, even when life has thrown a spanner in the works.

I work using fast, and effective techniques to manage stress as well as the underlying emotions. I provide support and coaching when you need it, to fit in with your life and business.

If you want to discover what you can do to start feeling better and more focused today, I invite you to apply for a free Clarity Call. Follow this link to my online diary to book your call.